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"The Mind of Jake Paul" by Shane Dawson: My Review

"The Mind of Jake Paul" by Shane Dawson: My Review

Unless you are living under a rock, you must have heard that Youtuber Shane Dawson recently dropped an 8-part docuseries on fellow, yet controversial Youtube star Jake Paul and let me just tell you….it was an experience. Jake Paul and his brother Logan Paul are the epitome of “Youtuber drama” which is why so many people (like myself) simply do not like them. They are both extremely controversial and have done some really nasty things in the past all for money and views.


As a fan of Shane’s work and all his docuseries’ such as, The Secret World of Jeffree Star and The Truth about Tanacon, I was really skeptical and concerned as to how he was going to take on Jake Paul and all his baggage. But, in true Shane fashion he frickin KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK!!! It was a masterpiece and it is so unfortunate that he is not going to get the recognition he deserves just because it’s on Youtube. #NetflixDealforShane???

Before I get into my review I wanna say that Youtube is changing. It is not only makeup tutorials or funny cat videos…it’s becoming more legit. So many talented creators just like Shane are able to release their content to the world FOR FREE!!! A lot of people need start recognizing these creators as credible.

BTW: This blog post took me forever to write because after finishing the series a week ago, my mind can’t stop racing. I have so many thoughts & opinions, so this is not gonna be organized whatsoever LOL!! Here are my takeaways from the series…

Shane Dawson is a genius


Out of all the docuseries Shane Dawson has done, this one was definitely more complex. The fact that he was able to organize everything, handle so many people involved in Jake’s life, and put it all into an unbiased documentary is insane to me! Shane handled everything with class, never bashed anyone involved, and was able to truly get into the mind of Jake Paul. BRAVO SHANE!

I can’t believe I am saying this, but I kind of feel bad for Jake Paul…


LET ME EXPLAIN!! I am not excusing any of the bad things he’s done in the past. He is obviously a messed up guy who needs to get his act together.

The reason why I actually feel bad for Jake is because now we know why he is the way he is. Jake was brought up in an extremely competitive family and was always bullied into wanting to be the best all because of his brother Logan and his father. If anyone in this series is a sociopath ITS LOGAN.

I love Erika Costell


Not gonna lie, I used to not like Erika because of all the rumors going around that her relationship with Jake is fake and only for the views…which honestly it did look fake until this series premiered. Throughout the series I realized that Erika is a perfect match for Jake because she is so down to earth, wants the best for him, and you can tell that she truly loves and cares about him. She’s a real gal!

Nick Crompton was by far the most honest


I literally had no clue who this guy was until he spilled alllllll the tea about Team 10. The most revealing thing he said was that all of Jake’s Youtube videos are scripted. Shocking? Not really.

We are all aware that him and Jake are no longer on speaking terms, but the reason why he was the most honest was because he actually defended Jake. Nick spoke out about how the members of Team 10 would say that Jake “abused” them when the truth was that all the videos were scripted and everyone was aware of what pranks were gonna be played.

Alissa Violet is a no no…

maxresdefault (1).jpg

I don’t know why and I feel bad saying this, but I get the worst vibes from her and I feel like her intentions have never been good. Everything she said about Jake and Logan seem real, but at the same time I get the vibe that she is just looking for attention. Her episode though was my fave because #tea.

Let me know what are your thoughts about Shane’s Jake Paul series in the comments below!!!

Also, what topic would you like to see Shane tackle next???

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