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Celebrity Spotlight: Emma Stone

Celebrity Spotlight: Emma Stone

Celebrity spotlight is back! For some reason this past week all I've been listening to is the La La Land soundtrack LOL. It's so good and possibly my favorite movie of all time. I love Ryan Gosling so much (what girl doesn't?) & Emma Stone is such an angel.

Soooo, here is my celebrity spotlight on Emma Stone(Ryan Gosling coming soon lol):

Best Role...It's a tie:

Mia Dolan in La La Land

OK WHERE DO I START? La La Land is my favorite movie of all time and Emma KILLED THIS ROLE! She definitely deserved the Oscar! SO PROUD!

Skeeter in The Help


Another one of my favorite movies. Emma Stone nailed it & Viola Davis....QUEEN!

Worst Role: Easy A


I know this is such a classic, but I've tried to watch it several times and it's so not my favorite. HELP!

Best Red Carpet Moment: La La Land Premiere at the Venice Film Festival


This dress gives me boho and 20's flapper dress vibes...LOVE IT

Worst Red Carpet Moment: The Amazing Spiderman Premiere


Emma Stone is always my best dressed at red carpet events, but this time is a big no no.

Best Talk Show Moment: Lip Sync Battle with Jimmy Fallon

This video was the beggining of ALL lip sync battles.

Let me know what are some of your favorite Emma Stone moments in the comments below!

Something a little different...

Something a little different...

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