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Something a little different...

Something a little different...

I finally completed my first year of college!!! It was such a rollercoaster ride and I am so grateful for all the fun times!

Although the first year of college is just taking all the basic courses, I loved all my classes and professor, and I got amazing grades! I am just dying to jump into my major and start working on TV, but time will tell.

Through the ups and downs, here are the five things I learned in my first year of college:

Don't take so much clothes


OK, this was my biggest mistake! Gainesville is not Miami. Everything here is super casual. I literally took almost my whole wardrobe and I spent 99% of the time in sweatpants.

Time management

Between clubs and schoolwork...you need to plan out your life. My suggestion is buy an agenda and literally write down everything! If you have a test coming up, write it down and plan out what days you are gonna study and write it down, as well. This helped me sooo much and made me organize my schedule helping me stay stress-free. 



THIS IS SO IMPORTANT! College is stressfull and an emotional rollercoaster. You need a break sometimes. So, TREAT YOURSELF! My friends and I would always treat ourselves to some frozen yogurt, we'd go to the movies, or just make huge amazing meals.

Try new things


For me, this was Vic's Red Carpet! Trying something new and different is a fun way to keep yourself busy while doing something you love. I love pop culture (obviously lol), so this blog has been a way for me to talk about celebs with all of you guys!

You learn who your true friends are...QUICK


If I could only give you one piece of advice, ITS THIS ONE. College has showed me the people who are really there for me and want the best for you. Your friends are so important to your mental health and college has quickly taught me who was there for me. The person who you think is your closest friend, will turn out to be your fakest friend all along. It's the truth!

Let me know what are some things you learned in college in the comments below!

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