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Celebrity Spotlight: Justin Bieber

Celebrity Spotlight: Justin Bieber

OK, this is my favorite celebrity spotlight yet. I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER...ever since 2010.

So here's a little background. When I was 11, my little cousin's birthday party was at a Justin Bieber concert (COOL, I KNOW). So, I got invited and I was DREADING IT. I did not like Justin Bieber because I was still not over the Jonas Brothers and I was salty as heck that Bieber took "JB" from the Jonas Brothers.

Anyway, I go to the concert and about two songs later I WAS IN LOVE!!! I swear to God, I left that concert on a high. I could not believe I had just realized how talented Bieber is. Long story short, I've been a die-hard Belieber since 2010. 

Fun Fact: I snuck into his meet-n-greet for the Believe Tour with fake wristbands. Here's my 8th grade self with 2012 Bieber!


Sooooo, here's my celebrity spotlight on Justin Bieber (aka this took me forever to write because I was so conflicted in every category):

Best Album: Purpose

This album, this song, this tour, and this era was so amazing! Everyone thought he was never gonna make a comeback, but what people didn't know was that he never left! I STUCK WITH HIM!

Best Music Video: Company

This music video is more low-key than the others, but it's my favorite because the song is just amazing, he looks drop dead gorgeous, and it was filmed in my favorite place in the world: Greece.

Most Underrated Song: "Right Here" ft. Drake


Every belieber knows this is probably one of Justin's best collabs. It is so underrated and us beliebers need to unite and educate everyone on this gift of a duet.

Best Talk Show Moment: Justin Bieber and Questlove have a drum-off on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon


Most Awkward Moment: the "sixteenth chapel" moment

This is so iconic and hysterical LOL!

Favorite tour: My World Tour


...just because it's where it all started!

Let me know what are some of your favorite Bieber moments!

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