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“Rent: (not so) Live” Review…why it was my favorite live musical to date!

“Rent: (not so) Live” Review…why it was my favorite live musical to date!

Let's forget "Rent: Live" wasn't live and focus on how much it ROCKED!

I LOVE RENT!!!! It is one of my favorite broadway musicals of allllll time, so when I saw Fox was doing a live remake of it….I LOST MY MIND. Rent completely revolutionized musical theatre and we would not have the shows we have today if it wasn’t for Rent.

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room…it wasn’t live, I KNOW! Brennin Hunt, who was potraying Roger, broke his foot during dress rehearsal the night before, so instead of going live, they just aired the dress rehearsal. Instead the cast performed a concert rendition of the songs for the studio audience while we watched the dress rehearsal. Check it out below:

I feel absolutely horrible for the cast. They spent weeks rehearsing for a live show and ended up only going live for the last 20 minutes. BUT, it was an imperfectly perfect experience!

Here is why I loved Rent: Live”

The Cast


Everyone was cast absolutely PERFECT!!! I can’t stop listening to the music and watching all the performances. #RentHead4Life

Tinashe was the perfect Mimi

To be honest, I was a little skeptical when I found out Tinashe was gonna portray Mimi, but I was totally wrong!!!! She was absolutely insane!! From “Out Tonight,” to “Without You,” to “Light My Candle” SHE SLAYED!

Jordan Fisher was born to play Mark Cohen


Not only was Jordan Fisher an amazing Mark, he made history as being the person of color to play Mark. YAS!

The “Over the Moon” performance everyone is talking about

Vanessa Hudgens is the queen of live TV musicals and this proves just that. WHAT A QUEEN!!!!! Vanessa is my favorite Maureen ever….after Idina Menzel of course!

3 words: Brandon. Victor. Dixon

Brandon Victor Dixon stole the show. He was absolutely unreal and the talk of the night. This performance proves just that.



That moment when the original cast performed “Seasons of Love”

Let me know in the comments below what you thought of Rent: Live….minus the broken foot ;)

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